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Customized Financial Solutions

Solutions to Help You Meet the Specific Needs of Your Department & Personnel

Accident & Health Coverage

Worker's Compensation does not fill the gaps in your family financial needs in the event of a service-related injury, illness, or death. Gaps exist.


Limited benefits, waiting periods, claims denial and pre-existing conditions are only a few situations that create economic havoc for a family suffering the loss of a bread winner's ability to earn.


Don't rely on worker's compensation as the sole protection of your department personnel.  Protect your members, junior, and auxiliary members with Provident Accident & Health Coverage. 

  • Benefits may be customized to meet your department's needs

  • Total Disability due to injury -- weekly benefit payable up to a LIFETIME

  • Total Disability due to illness -- weekly benefit payable up to the later of age 67 or five years

  • Partial Disability payable up to the later of age 67 or five years

  • Family Expense Benefit -- payable to help a family member who assists an injured person confined to a hospital or receiveing out-patient care.  Expenses include but are not limited to food, gas, lodging, childcare, and even lost wages.  No waiting period or minimum distance traveled is required.  

Property & Casualty Insurance

Since 1928, Provident has provided firefighters and emergency medical responders with financial protection through our blanket Accident & Health insurance program.  We have become one of the nation's largest and fastest growing benefit providers to fire departments and emergency organizations and now are proud to announce our new FirePlus Property & Casualty program.  We have a long-standing reputation for superior customer service.  


Consider us for your Property & Casualty coverage today.

Life Insurance

NCFIP searches the marketplace to find the best coverage for your situation.  Individual and group coverage are available. Final expense coverage to estate planning, allow the professionals at NCFIP to assist you and your personnel.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance may provide coverage on or off duty, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.

Now More Than Ever
The right health benefits choices can do more for your business

Medical Insurance

Trained professionals with NCFIP work with you and your department personnel to find the health insurance carrier that best meets the needs of each individual.  Representing the major providers of health insurance coverage, allows the NCFIP team the ability to customize coverage to you and your personnel.

Dental Insurance

Benefits are available to help with periodic checkups, cleanings, x-rays, fillings, crowns and other related dental needs. Smile . . . NCFIP can help find the best plan for you.

Medicare Planning

Let us help you decide how to manage health care costs.  When choosing a medicare plan that meets your needs, there are several considerations:  (1) Extent of coverage, (2) Risk management, (3) Prescription coverage and the fine print of Medicare Part A, B, C and D.  Le the professionals at NCFIP help you determine your course.

Retirement Planning

We provide retirement planning analysis, cash flow needs analysis, retirement income strategies and required minimum distribution calculations.  We help our clients understand that risk management in retirement planning is just as important as risk management in their fire department.  Services provided through our affiliation with First American National Advisors LLC, Registered Investment Advisors.

Investment Management

We advise clients on the creation of a portfolio, selection of investments and the managing and monitoring of those investments.  These services are provided through our affiliation with First American National Advisors LLC, Registered Investment Advisors.  Many of our clients have their personal investments managed through FAN Advisors.

College Planning

We assist our clients in preparing for the expense of college education.  We assist in the determination of amounts needed for savings as well as where and how to save the funds.  Guidance in this area is extremely important with the many choices facing the prospective student.

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